Meditation for Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety? Meditation can help

What types of meditation work for anxiety? How can you practice meditation in your daily life to deal with your anxiety? How can a meditation device help?

Meditation, being the practice of mindfulness, allows you to become familiar with anxiety-inducing thoughts – to see them, sit with them and let them go. Though it can feel scary, this practice guides you to bring yourself back to a moment of anxiety so that you can address it.

Reflect for anxiety
Reflect for anxiety
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Reflect for anxiety
Reflect for anxiety
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Orb by reflect
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Meditation is meant to connect the mind and the body and is not meant to make anxiety worse. That said, mindfulness meditation may make some novice meditators’ anxiety worse in some scenarios. To prevent this, we highly recommend utilizing guided meditations for anxiety when you first begin your practice.

We highly recommend starting with guided meditations! Guided meditation is a type of meditation that requires another party (virtual or in-person) to assist you through your meditative journey. We recommend utilizing some of the many guided meditations available on Youtube, Calm, or Headspace.

The Reflect experience is based on biofeedback ~ a scientific therapy method that is regularly used to help people who suffer from anxiety with learning how to regulate their physiological anxious responses. Reflect helps you shut out the noise of the world so you can take a pause during your day when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. All you need is your Reflect Orb and a quiet, comfortable spot where you can relax your mind.

When you practice mindfulness, you see negative thoughts, acknowledge them as real, and then let go. The key to mindfulness is not to react, but let be, and let go. Meditation does not always come easy and is called a practice for a reason, but it is a worthwhile practice to help lessen anxiety symptoms. 

Meditation is an active training of the mind to increase awareness of self and surroundings. Generally, meditation calms anxiety by slowing your heart rate via breathing exercises and encouraging self-reflection through focused attention.

Yes! Meditation is good for anxiety. Meditation reduces the level of anxiety you experience and may even relieve your anxiety symptoms long-term with habitual practice.

Mindfulness meditation is the best type of meditation to reduce anxiety because it helps reduce more symptoms of anxiety when compared to other types of meditation. Mindfulness meditation helps you to let go, calm your mind and body, and accept the situation as-is.

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