Meet the
Reflect Orb

Your personal companion on the
journey to holistic wellbeing.

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Orb reflect
Before session

Settle into your
safe space.

Each day, set aside a few minutes in your schedule when you can concentrate on your practice. Settle into your favorite spot, allowing yourself to feel present in the moment. Then, activate your Orb by placing both hands on either side in order to begin your session.

Women holding reflect meditation device
Women holding Reflect Orb Biofeedback meditation Device
During session

Engage in a
relaxation practice.

While journeying with Reflect, make it your own. Pair your daily session with soothing music, concentrated breath or a guided meditation. Take note of your Orb’s light ring as it ‘breathes’ into different colors; this will help you better understand your path into relaxation.

Men meditate with reflect biofeedback device
Men practice meditation with biofeedback device
After session

Navigate to
the Reflect app.

You choose the length of each session, so feel free to sit in your relaxation as long as you desire. Afterwards you can check the app to see your progress, journal the experience and more. To learn more about the app, click here.

Navigate to the Reflect app
Navigate to the Reflect app
Science ball waves
Science ball waves

Our science-backed

Our purpose is to provide you with an insightful experience that helps you find and develop a greater connection to yourself. So, we made it happen. We built Reflect from the ground up with a strong foundation in trusted scientific methods.

Reflect was born from a process that has remained rooted in rigorous discipline and research from start to finish. The biofeedback technology that powers your daily relaxation sessions is a proven method of guiding you towards awareness of your body at its physical, mental and emotional levels.

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Orb by reflect
Orb by reflect
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