Meditation for Stress

Discover how meditation can be an effective stress management technique to incorporate into your daily routine. 

Stress often arises from being wrapped up in tumultuous thoughts, worries and concerns about your past or future. Acting as a countermeasure to this, meditation allows you to sit in the present moment and tune out those triggering feelings.

Women relax with reflect biofeedback device
Women relax with reflect biofeedback device
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Women relax with reflect biofeedback device
Women relax with reflect biofeedback device
Orb by reflect
Orb by reflect
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Some mental and physical signs of stress indicate you are experiencing higher than average stress levels. These symptoms of stress include but are not limited to decreased energy, insomnia, change in libido, depression, frustration, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, sweating (‘stress sweating’), chronic pain, headaches, acne, digestive issues, and frequent illness. The Reflect Orb is a biofeedback device that helps users visually see their stress level and take steps to calm the mind until they return to their center. Learn more here.

There are multiple ways to meditate to relieve stress, but the best way to start out is by finding a guided meditation specifically for stress. Guided meditations can be done in person or online through audio or videos. There are plenty of free guided meditations. We recommend listening to one of the many guided meditations available on apps such as Youtube, Calm, or Headspace.

Meditation helps relieve stress by acting on the parts of the brain and body that help release tension and put the brain in a sleep-like state. Mindfulness meditations emphasize reflecting on one’s feelings and letting go, resulting in reduced stress.

To let go of stress, try a meditation that allows you to reflect on your feelings. Mindfulness meditation helps to connect the body and the mind. Start with a guided meditation. There are many guided meditations available online that you can access for free and use right away.

The best meditation for reducing stress overall is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce the amount and frequency of stress in those who practice mindfulness meditation habitually. You don’t have to be a mindfulness expert to benefit from the stress relief! Beginners who only practice mindfulness for a few minutes each week also report lower stress levels!

Meditation can be stressful when the expectations of meditation are not aligned with the reality that they experience. Meditation brings the body and mind together in harmony, but when they are not aligned, it is difficult to remain relaxed. It’s okay to take a break. Remember to keep it simple, ground yourself in the present moment, utilize guided meditation, and refocus on breathing.

Reflect is a wellbeing experience that aids your relaxation through biofeedback; connecting an app with a biofeedback device to support your journey. 

The Reflect Orb is a soft, round biofeedback device with a glowing light ring that changes color in response to your stress levels. The Reflect Orb measures and analyzes your body’s physiological signals and provides continuous visual indication of your mental state. The calmer you are, the closer to white the light ring will be. This feedback helps you guide yourself toward a calm state.

The Reflect App displays the data received from the Reflect Orb to help you track your progress, as well as provides a daily journal where you can log your feelings after each use. You can use the app to set notifications to set aside time in your day for self-reflection; while analyzing your data can help you better understand what you are feeling. Over time, and with consistent use, Reflect will help you to gain control of your mental and emotional wellbeing.