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I bought the Orb on Amazon, where is my activation code?
Where can I access the Reflect User Guide?
How can I download the Reflect App?
How can I cancel my membership?
When does my membership term begin?
When can I expect to be billed for my membership?
What is included in my membership?
What does each Membership plan include?
What is Reflect?
How does biofeedback work?
What does Reflect measure?
Is there a warranty?
​​How do I get information about my order before it ships?
When will I receive my shipment tracking number?
Where do you ship to?
How much does shipping cost?
When can I expect my Reflect Orb to be shipped?
How can I work with Reflect?
How can I contact Reflect?
How is Reflect different from other biofeedback devices?
What do the lights on the Orb mean?
How do the Orb and App work together?
What is biofeedback?
What is the Reflect App?

Support team

Talk directly to our customer support team.
We do our best to answer everyone within 24 hours, usually much faster: support@meetreflect.com