Finding your calm just got simple

The Orb is a personal biofeedback companion that trains your body & mind to find calm in minutes - by just holding it.

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Your personal stress
& anxiety trainer

The Orb responds in real time to your body’s stress levels and helps you regulate and relax.

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Biofeedback trains you to control your mind-body neural circuits.

Seeing your body responding helps you learn to regulate your emotions and reinforce your body’s relaxation response.

Michal Gruberger, PhD

Michal Gruberger, PhD

Chief Science Officer,
Reflect Innovation


Experienced improvement in stress, anxiety and depression


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Experienced improved sleep

Hear from our customers

”The overall experience with Orb is amazing. I would recommend it to people who love meditation and prefer mindfulness in their lifestyle. It makes me calm for sure and improves my mood. The most impressive thing about the orb is color changes according to my body's stress levels. It gives me a sense of awareness about what my body is going through.“Nithiya Lakshmif

”Reflect has been a game changer! It’s been a great tool to help me build a daily habit and increase my confidence in my own ability to be aware of the small changes in my body that occur when I feel stress. And the customer service has been amazing.“Mikaela Silcox

”Using the Orb is the most peaceful part of my day. Using the orb is my chance to listen in to myself. When I see the white ring I know I'm where I was hoping to be. It makes me feel grateful to be here, in the middle of life. The orb very gently eases me into presence, in the most lovely way.“Robin Jankiewicz

”I love my orb! It has helped me learn “how” to relax, which has been incredibly helpful as someone who struggles with anxiety and hypervigilance. Thank you for creating this amazing product!“Katherine M.

”I love my orb! It’s helped my meditation quite a bit. I use it five times a week. The app has gotten better over time and the support is wonderful.“Greg Glowacki

Reflect for mental
health professionals

Research shows that incorporating biofeedback in traditional mental health intervention yields superior results compared to traditional methods of intervention alone.

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