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Reflect is a safe, drug-free way to regulate stress and anxiety using a smart home biofeedback device.Our soft, calming Orb brings a new experience to biofeedback while maintaining high-quality real-time feedback for nervous system regulation.Reflect collects lab-grade ECG and EDA* signals from the fingers in a rewarding, world-class experience.EDA is a measurement of skin conductance, commonly used in biofeedback clinics for assessing stress.

ECG is a measurement of heart rate variability, an indicator of stress and alertness.

*96% Accuracy compared to gold standard clinic equipment.
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How can Reflect help my practice?

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Physiological validation

Build client awareness and confidence with validated physiological feedback to their self-regulation practices.

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Keep your clients accountable in their home practice with a rewarding and fun experience.

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Continuity & Tracking

Maintain continuity between meetings and reflect on progress together.

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Reduce anxiety, boost skill building and help clients feel in control when they need it most.

In a randomized controlled trial, efficacy of a four-week use of Reflect was evaluated against a waiting-list control group. Efficacy was assessed using best-practice measures of stress, anxiety, quality of life and sleep.


of participants experienced improvement in stress, anxiety and depression


of participants reported improved quality of life


of participants experienced improved sleep


of participants experienced improved social interactions

Real-world user data

More Engaging

Reflect users were 4X more likely to stick to a mindful practice than the leading meditation apps.

Build skills in just 2 weeks

Reflect users doubled the time spent in a relaxed state in just 2 weeks of use.

Embrace the latest
science in mental health

Mental health has never been closer to the body.

Mind-body integration is increasingly understood and incorporated as an essential tool in therapy to establish and reinforce people’s internal resources and control.

Reflect helps you bring your clients’ physiology into practice by creating a connection to their body’s processes.

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Hear from our therapists

”As a psychotherapist and ADHD coach, I would recommend Reflect to anyone who has trouble with anxiety, emotional regulation or ADHD, from children to teens to adults.“Susan Ciardiello, PhD, LCSW

”As a therapist, I want to give my clients the right tools. I want them to realize that regulating their anxiety or mood is within their control. Reflect puts more confidence behind therapy and self care, showing them ‘I can do this on my own, I can change my outlook by just doing this, and then I can have a good day’. I want it to be more in their hands.“Alyssa Sardis, LMHC

”Reflect can significantly enhance what we already do in therapy by allowing clients to use the skills they learn in the clinic at home as well. It helps build awareness of the way your body feels and the control you have over it by watching it as you breathe or observe your thoughts.“Kristie S., LMHC, LPC

”By learning to recognize what's happening inside of their body, clients can better understand other parts of their lives - their thoughts, their emotions and how they impact what's happening internally. Reflect can help them learn what to do to change what's happening.“Cyndi M. MHC-LP

”Reflect can really change the field of mental health.“Stacey Mohamed, LMHC

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