Unlock Your
Mental Wellbeing

Control stress, alleviate anxiety and improve your wellbeing with the world’s best home biofeedback experience.

Find your innate power to relax

All humans have the capacity to control stress.

Reflect’s comforting Orb trains you to find ease in just a few minutes of practice. It collects stress signals from your fingers and reflects your mental state back to you with a calming colorful light ring, guiding you to relaxation.

Alleviate stress & anxiety when you need it most

Tune your body into a calm state and track your skill building over time using science-backed biofeedback technology and a calming relaxation experience.

Graph of calm states

Elevate your
mindfulness routine

Tangible and comforting anchor to your meditation practice with measurable insights and guidance.

Elevate your mindfulness routine

Improve sleep & focus

Build skills for regulating body and mind to help you sleep better and stay focused.

Improve sleep & focus

Total minutes spent in relaxation by Reflect users

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Biofeedback trains you to control your mind-body neural circuits.

Seeing your body responding helps you learn to regulate your emotions and reinforce your body’s relaxation response.

Michal Gruberger, PhD

Michal Gruberger, PhD

Chief Science Officer,
Reflect Innovation


Experienced improvement in stress, anxiety and depression


Reported improved quality of life


Experienced improved sleep

Reflect for mental
health professionals

Research shows that incorporating biofeedback in traditional mental health intervention yields superior results compared to traditional methods of intervention alone.

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Picture of the Reflect Orb

at your fingertips.