Stress & Burnout

Stress well, de-stress better

Stress is a part of modern life. While we can't get rid of it, we can learn to make times of high stress less edgy. The Orb helps you take the edge off in times of need and come back to a sense of balance & ease.

Hear from our customers

”It teaches me “how” to relax. It is very frustrating when doctors/friends tell you “oh you need to relax more”, but you don’t know how... The Orb helps me teach myself what “calm” feels like, and how to get there on my own.“Brian C.

”I'm loving it so much that I leave it on my desk and pick it up anytime I feel stressed during the day.“Lori S.

”The Orb shows me real time anxiety and how to quiet that. I find it easier to realize when I am stressed or anxious.“Laura Y.

”Reflect trains my mind and body to find ease when I am feeling anxious or stressed.“Whitney K.

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