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Reflect is a wellness experience that uses biofeedback to help guide you towards daily relaxation.

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Reflect Orb
Reflect Orb

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Your personal wellness is a priority, not just a perk. Reflect seamlessly blends wellness philosophies with science backed practices to help you learn and develop everyday habits that guide you to a relaxed state of mind.

How do we do this?
The Reflect Orb uses biofeedback to measure your physiological signals and reflect them back to you, helping you learn how to control your daily stress. The Orb is synced with the Reflect App, augmenting your experience with data and insights while deepening your understanding of your journey to relaxation.

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Reflect empowers your wellbeing routine by helping you to prioritize ‘me time’ every day.

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Orb by Reflect - biofeedback device

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With personalized sessions, you can understand what works best for you and how to make it stick.

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Orb calendar
Orb by reflect
Orb by reflect
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Frequently asked questions

Reflect is a soft, handheld Orb that uses biofeedback to help teach yourself to relax. The Reflect Orb collects physiological signals from the tips of your fingers, processes them, and reflects your mental state back to you with a glowing light ring that changes colors in response to your stress levels. Over time and with continuous use, practicing with Reflect will give you better control over your stress and anxiety, and improve your wellbeing across the board.

Biofeedback is a scientifically proven method used to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Physiological signals such as heart rate, body temperature, and skin conductance are measured and presented to you in real-time, and through tracking your progress, you can learn how to regulate them.

With the help of Reflect’s biofeedback-driven experience, you can become more aware of your body’s physiological stress responses and learn to better manage your stress. Over time, you can improve your control over your personal wellbeing.

To learn more, take a deep dive into biofeedback with us.

Biofeedback brings unconscious physiological processes into your consciousness. Biofeedback devices monitor your body’s mental and physical states. By becoming more aware of what your body is doing in real-time (such as reacting to stress), you can learn to influence your reactions. 

For example: Many of us know that when we are that when we are stressed we get sweaty palms. The level of sweat in our palms is a very accurate indicator of our stress levels. Even the most minor changes, changes we can’t even notice, are significant in telling us how much stress we are in. Thus, more stress = more sweat.

Some biofeedback devices, such as Reflect, measure our “sweaty palms” which is scientifically known as EDA (Electro-Dermal Activity). This measurement shows us how stressed we are through various mediums (in Reflect’s case, with changing light colors). Once we are able to see this previously hidden process, we learn to control it. The magic here is that it works both ways. Not only does more stress cause more sweat, but if you reduce your EDA (read: sweat) ~ you can reduce stress.

Reflect brings biofeedback into your comfort zone with a small, soft orb that you can use anywhere – at home, in the office, or on vacation. The Orb is measuring two physiological signs of stress and anxiety – Heart Rate Variability and Electrodermal Activity. There are light indications on the Orb to guide you towards awareness of your body’s physical, mental, and emotional levels; a soft light on top of the Orb changes from purple to blue to white to show you your body’s changes towards calmness. After each session, data is loaded into the application, allowing you to track your progress and further understand how to manage stress. Wherever life takes you, easily take Reflect to sneak in a few minutes of relaxation practice into your busy schedule.

Reflect uses biofeedback to measure physiological signals that indicate stress, which includes HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and EDA (ElectroDermal Activity). These signals are measured through biofeedback sensors where you hold your fingers on the Orb.

Using the Reflect Orb is simple: sit in a comfortable position and hold it in your hands. You can put on relaxing music, pair it with a guided meditation or simply focus on your senses during each session. As sessions are personalized, feel free to sit with the Orb for as long you wish ~ from a few minutes to over an hour. Once you’ve finished, check-in with the app to get more details about your mental state during the session to better understand your levels of relaxation and overall personal progress.

The Reflect App tracks your journey with Reflect and helps you understand the tangible impact of your meditation practice. 

Once linked to your Reflect Orb, you can track and analyze your progress, log details about sessions, journal your thoughts, and more. 

The Reflect App also provides tips for relaxation, meditation reminders, and encouragements to support you on your personal wellbeing journey.

Absolutely! Reflect is a great biofeedback device to guide you on your meditation journey.

The Orb will help you become more aware of your body and mind, and provide immediate feedback on the impact of your practice. 

The companion app will help you track and analyze your progress, log details about sessions, journal your thoughts, and more.

Reflect is based on biofeedback – a scientifically proven method to improve mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

When using Reflect you’ll be able to see and understand how your body reacts to your relaxation practice with concrete, detailed analytics.

If you choose to meditate during your sessions, you don’t need to adhere to a specific type of meditation. You can even combine it with existing meditation apps such as Headspace or Calm.

Reflect is a biofeedback device for meditation, it weaves together a soothing sensory experience and the power of biofeedback to enhance your meditation practice.

The soft texture of the Reflect Orb helps ease you into a relaxing headspace, while the feedback of the changing light patterns empowers you to better understand the not-always-conscious impact of your practice on both body and mind.

With the support of the Reflect App, you can gain insight on your progress and on your body’s behaviors.

You can use Reflect with both guided and unguided meditation. 

If you’re already using a meditation app such as Headspace or Calm, Reflect is the ideal biofeedback device to have as a companion on your meditation journey.

Not only does holding your Orb help your focus, but it can also show you the impact of your meditation in a tangible way.

However, meditation is not a must-do! If you prefer, you can sit in your Reflect sessions without guidance. Just hold the Orb in your hands, and practice your own way.

Using Reflect is about your personal wellbeing journey, not about results. We know that this journey is not always a straight line – some days it’s easier to focus, some days are more stressful.

Are you a creature of habit that needs some meditation space in the morning? Do you prefer to take some time during your busy day to pause and do breathing exercises? Do you need time to settle down and create a calming environment before going to sleep? Reflect is here to empower your version of wellbeing, no matter how you go about it.

Reflect helps you carve out “me time” during your day to find focus and bring more relaxation into your life. When you take time to pause, breathe and decompress more regularly, you begin to see the long-lasting benefits to your mental, physical and emotional health.

The Reflect experience is based on biofeedback ~ a scientific therapy method that is regularly used to help people who suffer from anxiety with learning how to regulate their physiological anxious responses. Reflect helps you shut out the noise of the world so you can take a pause during your day when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. All you need is your Reflect Orb and a quiet, comfortable spot where you can relax your mind.

Reflect is an easy way to insert mindful moments into your life on a daily basis, and is adaptable to your needs and routine. 

The Orb is portable, and sessions can be as short as a few minutes or as long as you need. You can also use the app to set notifications to set aside time in your day for self-reflection. Essentially, it’s a unique biofeedback device that can be used when and where you need it most.

Reflect is available for purchase in the US.  Check out the Reflect Shop to purchase the Orb!

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