Mindfulness Without Meditation


It’s possible to be mindful without meditation. While meditation is an incredible practice, it’s not the only answer. Sometimes we want to be mindful without the practice of meditation, and luckily enough, it is totally possible to achieve that. Mindfulness and meditation are not synonymous with one another, so you can achieve one without the other.

This post will be about achieving mindfulness without meditation.

Walk Mindfully

When walking with the intent of being mindful, feel the process of moving. Take note of how the ground feels beneath your feet, and what it feels like to move your body. Try to limit distractions and focus on the present moment.

Walk in Nature

Walking in nature is an incredible way to practice mindfulness. Don’t get lost in thought while you are walking, but instead notice what is around you. The likelihood is, it’ll be beautiful: a forest, a beach, a river - anything at all. How does it feel to be in this moment, outside amongst the trees? What do you notice about this place? Be present and take it all in as you move.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is another way of practicing mindfulness. Take note of five things that you’re grateful for in this present moment. It should be within the room or place that you’re currently in so that you’re sure to be present and in the moment.

Spend Time Journalling

Journalling is a great way to practice mindfulness. It’s where you can set intentions, practice gratitude, and take note of your thoughts and feelings of the day. It’s a place where you can be completely honest: it’s your private space to write down what you think and feel.

Eat with Intention

Mindful eating is a useful way to practice mindfulness without meditation. When you eat a meal, try and do it without the distraction of a phone or laptop. Instead, focus on the actions of eating - the taste, the smell, the movement. Be present in the moment and enjoy the process. Take note of what your hunger cues feel like and what it is to be full.

Remain Curious

What are your cravings? What are your habits? What do you like to do? If you experience a craving, ask yourself what is prompting this. Are you trying to cover for something else? Are you not addressing a thought or feeling? Take note of what is going on for you to be desperately wanting something - even just a cup of coffee in the morning. There’s a reason behind everything, and it’s in our own best interests to work out ours.

Listen and Be Present

When conversing with friends, be in the moment. Don’t drift or let your mind wander. Instead, be present at the moment and embrace it all with a clear mind. It’s important to be intentional with conversations - treat someone how you would want to be treated.

We all want to be listened to, so make sure you’re not letting your mind wander in conversations. Becoming mindful is a practice we can do without meditation. There are many ways that we can do this daily, from walks outside, to conversations with friends. You don’t need to be actively meditating to get this practice right.

A great way to enhance this journey is using the Reflect Orb. It is a biofeedback ball that measures your physiological signals and reflects them back to you, helping you learn how to control your daily stress. This will enhance your relationship with meditation and mindfulness.

Next time you’re trying to be mindful in a moment, or you find yourself losing your mind to your thoughts, try one of these techniques.

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Written by Noga Sapir - Reflect Author

Noga is the founder and CEO of Reflect Innovation. Noga’s work lies in the intersection of technology and design, and how tactility can create unique experiences in the mental health space.

Reflect Innovation was conceived in 2016 when, while completing her degree in Textile Design, Noga developed Reflect, looking to invent solutions for her own struggle with anxiety.

Noga holds a BSc. in Neuroscience from Tel Aviv University and BDes. in Textile Design from Shenkar College of engineering, design, and art.

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