How to Stop Procrastinating At Work?


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Remaining focused at work can be a challenge. It’s common for many of us to procrastinate when we are struggling with a task, or don’t want to move on to the next project. While many of us procrastinate daily, it can be a serious problem if it begins to interfere with our progress at work. While procrastination might seem like a slippery slope, it is totally possible to overcome it.

This post will outline how to stop procrastinating at work, so that you can remain focused, positive, and achieve your work goals.

Name The Task

It’s no use just simply going from task to task without naming it and seeing it for what it is. All too often, we simply go through our days without much thought.

However, if you name the specific task, and think about what it will be like when you achieve the goal of completing it, it will motivate you to work. Naming a precise task will keep you on track to deal with the task efficiently.

Work Out The Why

Why are you procrastinating? What is preventing you from starting this task? Is it intimidation of workload? Are you overwhelmed? Work out the why behind your emotions: we don’t just procrastinate because we don’t want to work. At least, not usually. Instead, it’s likely that we have a certain emotion towards the work or day that we need to deal with.

Let It Go

Once you’ve worked out the why, let it go. An emotion towards a task is just an energy, and as much as we can feel it, we can let it go. In order to let them go, we need to feel whatever it is that needs to be felt. Once this happens, it’s much easier to get on with your day and stop being stuck on a task.

Break It Into Small Steps

One huge task looks impossible. But, small easy steps are much easier to tackle, one by one. If you’re struggling through a big task, break it into smaller steps. Write them out, set out a timetable, and commit to the schedule you’ve laid out. That way, you can see what needs to be done and how you’re going to get it done. It’s much more manageable when it’s broken down.

Anticipate Challenges

A workday isn’t complete without challenges. You will be doing one huge task, and suddenly, a shorter task, with a faster turnaround lands on your desk. How do you tackle this without losing motivation? You plan ahead and anticipate the challenges. Work out how you’ll overcome it so that you meet every single deadline without losing motivation.

Don’t Give Up

You’ll want to stop working a lot while working through these tasks. From frustration to resentment, a big task comes with a lot of feelings and struggles. Keep reminding yourself how good it will be to finish the task, and how relieved you’ll be once the workday is over.

Maybe treat yourself once you’ve finished! That’ll keep you motivated for the duration of the task. It’s easy to feel unmotivated sometimes. Procrastination is one of the most common challenges we’ll face during our workday. But, if it’s one of those days where you can’t procrastinate, or you find it affecting your colleagues more as your procrastination overflows into their workday, then read this post.

Take what we’ve written and utilize it for your tasks and you’ll find yourself flying through the tasks!

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