Reflect Orb: Grounding Trauma Recovery with Biofeedback


What is Trauma?

Trauma is a deeply distressing experience or series of events that can have a profound impact on an individual's physical and emotional well-being. It may result from various sources, such as accidents, abuse, natural disasters, or combat.

The consequences of trauma can persist long after the initial event, affecting one's mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life.

How Biofeedback Helps with Trauma

Biofeedback is a powerful technique that empowers individuals to regain control over their physiological and emotional responses. By providing real-time data on bodily functions like heart rate, skin conductance, and muscle tension, biofeedback enables individuals to develop self-regulation skills.

This can be especially beneficial for those dealing with trauma, as it allows them to become more aware of their physiological responses, ultimately helping to manage the physical and emotional manifestations of trauma and grounding themselves in the present.

Biofeedback-Backed Mindfulness in Short-Term Trauma Treatment

In short-term trauma treatment, biofeedback can play a crucial role in reducing immediate distress. By combining biofeedback with mindfulness practices, individuals can learn to ground themselves in the present moment, effectively managing anxiety and panic responses.

This integration of biofeedback and mindfulness enables individuals to regain control during moments of acute trauma, promoting resilience and well-being.

Biofeedback-Backed Mindfulness in Long-Term Post-Trauma Coping

For individuals dealing with long-term post-trauma coping, the combination of biofeedback and mindfulness can be transformative. It assists them in developing resilience and emotional regulation over time.

The ability to monitor their physiological responses empowers individuals to identify and address triggers, leading to reduced reactivity and greater emotional stability, ultimately grounding them in the journey of recovery.

Reflect Home Self-Regulation Device as a Critical Tool in Therapy and Self-Help

The Reflect Orb is an innovative biofeedback self-regulation training device that is proving to be a critical tool in trauma therapy and self-help. This device empowers individuals to harness the power of biofeedback and mindfulness within the comfort of their own homes.

By providing real-time feedback on physiological responses, the Reflect Orb enables users to develop self-regulation skills, helping to ground themselves in the present and manage their emotional well-being.

The Reflect Orb is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable to individual needs, making it a valuable asset for both therapists and individuals seeking to cope with trauma.

It is a versatile tool that can be integrated into therapeutic interventions, offering a structured approach to trauma recovery, while also serving as a convenient and accessible self-help device.

Sample statements

These statements reflect the real-life experiences of individuals who benefit from the Reflect Orb as a supportive and grounding tool in their trauma recovery process.

"The Reflect Orb has been a lifeline for me after my traumatic experience. It helps me ground myself when anxiety takes over, giving me a sense of control during the toughest moments."

"I've struggled with post-traumatic stress for years, but the Reflect Orb has made a noticeable difference. It's like having a trusted companion that guides me back to the present when I'm overwhelmed."

"I can't express how grateful I am for the Reflect Orb. It has become an integral part of my daily routine, assisting me in managing triggers and keeping my emotional responses in check."

"As a therapist, I've seen firsthand the incredible impact of the Reflect Orb on my clients dealing with trauma. It's a game-changer in helping them stay grounded during our sessions and beyond."

"The Reflect Orb has given me the tools to regain control over my life after a traumatic incident. It's a powerful aid in the healing process, providing a sense of empowerment and peace."

"Using the Reflect Orb has been like a warm embrace during the coldest moments of my trauma journey. It's a reminder to breathe, stay present, and stay grounded."

"I was skeptical at first, but the Reflect Orb has become an essential part of my recovery. It's more than just a device; it's a beacon of hope and stability in my life."

"I've recommended the Reflect Orb to fellow survivors, and they've all experienced its positive impact on their healing journey. It's an invaluable tool for anyone dealing with trauma."


The Reflect Orb's integration of biofeedback and mindfulness proves invaluable in the context of trauma. This innovative device empowers individuals to reclaim control over their physiological and emotional responses, supporting short-term trauma treatment and long-term post-trauma coping while helping them ground themselves in the process of recovery and healing.

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Reflect Innovation was conceived in 2016 when, while completing her degree in Textile Design, Noga developed Reflect, looking to invent solutions for her own struggle with anxiety.

Noga holds a BSc. in Neuroscience from Tel Aviv University and BDes. in Textile Design from Shenkar College of engineering, design, and art.

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