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Train yourself to reduce stress, build mental resilience and improve wellbeing with Reflect’s EDA & ECG powered home biofeedback experienceEDA is a measurement of skin conductance, commonly used in biofeedback clinics for assessing stress.

ECG is a measurement of heart rate variability, an indicator of stress and alertness.

  • Soft & calming tangible experience
  • Screen-free practice
  • Lab-grade sensors
  • Tracking, guided content & insights

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A peaceful moment in your hectic day-to-day

Anchor into a quiet, easeful moment and tune-in to your body using your own physiological data.

A peaceful moment in your hectic day-to-day

Soothe anxiety & find your calm

By bringing awareness to your nervous system, Reflect trains you to self regulate and ground your body, so that you can find calm whenever you need it.

Elevate your mindfulness routine

Hack your unique relaxation needs

Is your relaxation practice really working? Find out which routines are actually helping you reduce stress and make the most of your practice.

Hack your unique relaxation needs
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at your fingertips.


Experienced improvement in stress, anxiety and depression


Reported improved quality of life


Experienced improved sleep

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CES award winning technology

Guiding lights for a calming experience
In-app insights & audio library
Adjustable breath rhythm guide
Soft vibration timer
Lasts up to 2 weeks without charging
EDA and ECG sensors
What is in the box of Reflect Orb

What's in the box

  • Reflect Orb
  • USB-C charger
  • Protective cotton bag
  • Getting started guide
Picture of the Reflect Orb

at your fingertips.

What is biofeedback?
What is the Reflect App?
How do the Orb and App work together?