How To Let Go Of Stress?


Stress is something that everyone experiences. Fortunately, most stress factors are external, and once the event or situation is over, our stress symptoms cease. However, once stress becomes long-lasting or chronic, it can have serious health implications and lead to other illnesses like anxiety.

Stress can really affect us mentally and physically and have a lasting impact on our relationships, daily routines, and overall health and well-being. So, how do we effectively let go of our stress? This post will detail the best methods to cut the stress from your life so that you can have a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Change Your Environment

Simply stepping outside for 15 minutes can have a massive impact on your mental situation. Stress can be an overwhelming feeling and taking a break from whatever is causing you stress, getting outside and breathing in the fresh air, and taking some moments for yourself can really help you get over the stressful situation.

You’ll come back feeling prepared and ready to tackle the situation head-on, or you’ll be over it and ready to move on with your day.

Organize Your Space

A clear space is like a clear mind: powerfully positive and calming to your mental state. Sometimes a messy space can be extremely triggering to our overall mental health and stress levels.

These messy spaces can be draining on our mental health and well-being, so if you’re feeling the stress and strain of the day, a good clear-out can help! Or, if it’s the mess that’s causing you stress, definitely schedule time out in your day to tackle it.

Stop The Negativity

Limiting thoughts can impact us all. Having a limited mindset can really inhibit what we do and achieve with our days, which can then cause our stress levels to rise. If you’re convinced you can’t do a task or achieve something, you’re less likely to achieve it.

However, you’ll still face the same struggles of actually doing the task, so it’s always better to be positive and tackle any task head-on with a positive and abundant mindset.

Notice The Narrative

What’s causing you stress? Is it an external factor or is it your own narration of what is going on? If you have the power to, rewrite the narrative. Every situation that we are in, we are in complete control of. So, change being panicked, stressed, and worried into one of positivity and abundance. Recognize your power and achieve abundance.

Let It Go

It’s likely that whatever is causing you stress won’t matter in the long run. So let it go and just be: stressing about a situation is unlikely to change the outcome in a positive way. So relax, be present, and deal with what you can change and have an impact on. It’s much easier to simply be present than it is to overwhelm yourself with stress and worry.

Stress can be a tiring, overwhelming emotion. It can impact your mental health, mindset, daily routine, and so much more. That’s why if it’s possible, you need to let the stress go. Nothing will change by worrying extensively about a situation. If you want to learn more about your stress levels, the Reflect Orb and App work in tandem to help women and men all over the world work out their triggers and come to a relaxing solution. You can learn more about it, here.

What will happen, will happen, and you are in total control of every outcome.

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Written by Noga Sapir - Reflect Author

Noga is the founder and CEO of Reflect Innovation. Noga’s work lies in the intersection of technology and design, and how tactility can create unique experiences in the mental health space.

Reflect Innovation was conceived in 2016 when, while completing her degree in Textile Design, Noga developed Reflect, looking to invent solutions for her own struggle with anxiety.

Noga holds a BSc. in Neuroscience from Tel Aviv University and BDes. in Textile Design from Shenkar College of engineering, design, and art.

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